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Unmatched Cyber Security Managed Services

Securing Your Business Systems and Data with Managed Cyber Security Services

With hackers using more advanced techniques, protecting your business from cyber attacks is more important than ever. But trying to handle security monitoring and threat response yourself can be overwhelming. At ECS Computers, we offer cyber security managed services so you can focus on running your company while we focus on protecting it.

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32% of UK businesses became a victim of at least one security breach or attack in 2022 (UK Government, Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023)

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Average cost of a security breach or attack in 2022. (UK Government, Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023)

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6,000+ daily attacks on UK businesses in 2022

Managed Cyber Security Infrastructure

At ECS Computers, we understand the vital importance of cybersecurity for businesses like yours. Our managed cybersecurity services employ cutting-edge solutions to protect your systems and data from online threats.

Managed Cyber Security Strategy and Projects


EDR is the cutting edge of anti-virus protection. It uses AI to counteract threats from both known and brand-new malware, giving you the best protection available on the market today against malware and viruses such as Ransomware.

Firewalls and Unified Threat Management hardware

Utilising a hardware firewall, like a WatchGuard, will act as your first line of defence against hackers and DDOS attacks. ECS are WatchGuard partners and have years of experience installing and maintaining unified threat management hardware for businesses like yours.


Stop phishing and spam before it reaches your inbox through ECS’s managed email security. Daily reporting allows you to review blocked items for retrieval of legitimate emails. This service drastically reduces malicious emails received.

WatchGuard AuthPoint Multi-factor Authentication

WatchGuard AuthPoint is simple multi-factor authentication for PC logins and remote working, meaning only you can login to your PC – whether you’re working in the office or remotely. AuthPoint is a managed service which ECS can help integrate into your IT systems to add an extra layer of security to all devices.

Upgrades to old software and hardware to keep you secure

Running machines on end-of-life software and hardware means that it’s no longer getting vital security updates, leaving you open to many threats. Your MSP can keep an eye on when your devices are about to stop having security updates, let you know and help you upgrade – staying secure with minimal effort.

Consistent security patches

As a part of our Managed IT service, ECS schedule security updates during time when your business is shut or quiet meaning you’ll always be up to date and never have to pause work for a pesky update. Find out more about our Managed IT support

ECS are partnered with the specialised cyber security experts CyberScale. Working alongside CyberScale, we can bring your IT security up to the next level by implementing required actions such as fixes, policies, updated equipment and training for your company and staff.

Managed Cyber Security Services:

Cyber Essentials Advisement

Gaining Cyber essentials certification, backed by the National Cyber Security Centre, is a great way of ensuring that your organisation has the basic technical Cyber Security measure in place, and demonstrating to your clients that you are taking care of their data. ECS and CyberScale can give you the tools to achieve certification.

Cyber Security Solutions Assessment

An assessment will help to identify the risks to your business, find gaps in your current security, and highlight the measures you need to keep your business and your clients’ data secure. Presented and explained in a clear, easy to follow security roadmap, a managed cyber security solutions assessment will empower you with the information you need to remain one step ahead.

ISO 27001

Implementing ISO 27001 will demonstrate to your clients that you take information security seriously and your business is taking appropriate steps to identify, reduce and manage risks effectively.

A Wide Range of Cyber Security Training

  • Training available includes:
    • Staff Awareness Training
    • Cyber Security Training for Business Owners & Leaders
    • Incident Response Planning Workshop
    • Preparing for Cyber Essentials
    • Preparing for ISO 27001 Certification