The Client

Based in King’s Lynn, Ashill Precision Engineering specialise in the machining of high precision metal and plastic components across a huge range of industries for a whole host of happy customers. 

They have been running since 1977, and started being supported by ECS in 2017.

Interview with the Customer

We spoke to Ashill’s managing director Justin Heimann, to discuss his experience with ECS over the last 7 years and why Ashill Precision Engineering chose ECS Computers.

  • What prompted you to look for a new IT support company?

    'We manufacture products for some of the most innovative and forward thinking of British technology companies. There needs to be a high degree of security in information transfer and retention, and a highly reliable infrastructure to allow a seamless flow of data on a daily basis. We needed a local company with a fast response service offering and one that kept pace with the latest technology. Above all we needed one that we could subcontract all our IT requirements to, safe in the knowledge that they would deliver.'

  • Why did Ashill choose ECS?

    'Recognising how important our IT infrastructure would be, we needed complete faith in an IT organisation that we could outsource all our support requirements to. ECS were referred to us by Optima Metal Services and we have had no reason to regret our decision to retain their services. They are a local company that care about their customers.'

  • How is the service you’ve received so far?

    'I have total confidence in the ability of ECS to resolve any IT issues that we have in a timely and efficient manner. They are always at the end of a phone and, if required, on site. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional in their undertakings.'

  • Are there any significant issues ECS have helped to resolve or services that we have put in place that have helped Ashill?

    'ECS have kept our systems running smoothly and ensured that system performance keeps pace with growth. ECS upgraded our server and installed high end security and backup systems to allow us to work with our customers in a secure environment.'

Ongoing IT Support, Monitoring and Maintenance

ECS continues to provide Ashill Precision Engineering with remote support across their entire system, alongside secure managed cloud backups and cutting-edge security.

Client Details

  • Client Name:
  • Ashill Precision Engineering Ltd
  • Industry:
  • Manufacturing
  • Joined ECS
  • 2017

I have total confidence in the ability of ECS to
resolve any IT issues that we have in a timely and efficient manner.

Justin Heimann

Managing Director

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