The Client

DP Packaging is a fruit and vegetable packing and storage business based in Spalding, Lincolnshire. They employ 150 full-time staff, at their 80,000sq foot premise.

They started working with us in 2014.

The Situation

  • Their IT provider was too small and slow, meaning they struggled to keep up with the demands of the business.
  • Outdated server and inefficient e-mail set-up.
  • Deficient security and disaster recovery measures left them vulnerable.
  • Need for a consistent, reliable source of IT support.

In short: D.P. Packaging needed to update their IT systems and proceed with ongoing support and maintenance.

The Solutions

The Requirement for a Larger, More Diversified IT Provider
ECS first started working with D.P. Packaging in 2014. D.P. contacted ECS as they were looking for a larger, quicker responding and more diversified IT support provider to take over from their previous provider.

After initial telephone conversations, ECS attended D.P. Packaging’s site to perform an IT audit and to note any essential changes which needed to be implemented.
Server Replacement and Initial Improvements
Although D.P.’s previous server was working with reasonable reliability, it was necessary to upgrade or replace the system as it was running Windows Server 2003 – an outdated server operating system. There were also outdated Windows XP workstations which needed to be replaced or upgraded for security reasons.

Within the first year of the relationship, ECS replaced D.P.’s outdated server with an up-to-date virtualised solution. This provided a modern, secure & scalable infrastructure, utilising higher processor power, more RAM and SSDs in a RAID array for data storage.

At this time, older workstations were replaced with new units, whilst new backups and anti-virus were installed across the network.
Provision of Hosted Services and State-of-the-art Security Measures
  • ECS remedied a significant issue surrounding mailbox sharing and multi-device synchronisation.

    Previously, D.P. Packaging used Basic POP and IMAP email accounts. This meant that mailbox sharing and multi-device synchronisation were almost impossible.

    A Microsoft Exchange email system was set-up, meaning staff could access emails from anywhere on any device. At this time, ECS installed an advanced anti-spam system, designed to filter out any potential risks and ensure their busy mailboxes were more efficient to navigate.

  • In order to equip D.P. with a state-of-the-art security suite, ECS installed a WatchGuard UTM firewall – designed to help protect the whole network from intrusions, viruses and other malicious attacks.

  • Data security and disaster management were also key areas in which essential improvements were required.

ECS provided a fully monitored, managed & maintained encrypted off-site (cloud) backup which allows D.P. to back up their essential PPACT SQL based software package multiple times a day. This means that if a disaster was to strike, D.P.’s downtime will be minimal.
Ongoing Maintenance, Monitoring and Support
  • Once the initial improvements were made, D.P. took a service contract with ECS which ensures that their systems are maintained and patched weekly with the latest security updates.
  • As with many companies, keeping systems up during the working day is an essential requirement. D.P.’s network and systems are fully monitored by our business support team who, in the past, have helped replace failing drives and fix other issues before they caused any impact on their day to day running.
  • ECS have recently helped D.P. transition their workstations from Windows 7 to Windows 10 – ready for the support cut-off date in January 2020. Our team also provide printer consumables and other small peripherals on a regular basis to the D.P. team.
  • During the global COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, ECS set up multiple advantageous remote working set-ups, allowing a large number of D.P.’s employees to work from the safety of their own home seamlessly.

Client Details

  • Client Name:
  • DP Packaging (Spalding) Ltd
  • Industry:
  • Packaging/Storage
  • Joined ECS
  • 2014
"ECS are proactive, forward-thinking and a great bunch."
Symon DeCamps
Operations Manager

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