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The Client

GE-BE Transport is a family-run transport and distribution business, based King’s Lynn, Norfolk. They run a fleet of 45 vehicles and have been providing services across the UK since 1982.

They started working with us in 2005.

The Situation

Throughout ECS’s relationship with GE-BE, we have tackled a range of issues such as:
  • Improvements in infrastructure, including server and equipment updates and installation.
  • Requirements for improved data security with continual improvements to stay secure.
  • Support during a complete office relocation.

The Solutions

Repair, Maintenance and the Beginning of a Relationship
The relationship between ECS and GE-BE Transport began in 2005. Initially, ECS helped with repairing and maintaining the printers used in the office. As the relationship progressed over time, we supplied them with new hardware such as workstations, laptops & new printers, which were added to their IT system.
GEBE’s First Server
n 2011, the first file server was installed. This provided improved security – requiring everyone to sign into the system in order to access information. The server ran bespoke transport software to manage the GE-BE fleet and provided additional security for company information by segregating data into secure areas with restricted access.

Data security and data availability have always been a priority for GE-BE and over time many systems & policies have been put in place by ECS to safeguard this information. System improvements have included DNS management, SSL certificates, antivirus, email spam protection and automated backups.
Office Relocation
In 2014 GE-BE moved premises and required their IT system to be moved to the new office location. This was a perfect time to improve the network infrastructure with minimal interference, so ECS installed a structured cabling system. Once installed, the IT system – including servers, workstations & internet connectivity were reconnected. GE-BE were fully operational throughout the move, with zero downtime for the organisation.
Progressive Upgrades
  • 2015 – Email Improvements

    Email security and availability were improved with the installation of an Exchange mail server. This provision ensures email accounts are centrally managed, easily updated and are available for users’ access on multiple devices.

  • Late 2015 – New Server Installation

    ECS installed a new server to help GE-BE with their continued growth.

  • 2017 – Increased Security Implemented

    GE-BE’s reliance on cloud-based systems increased and higher levels of internet security were required; a multi-layered WatchGuard Unified Threat Management was installed by ECS and enhanced security protocols were introduced.

  • 2018 – Updating Server and Systems

    GE-BE’s server and systems were updated to improve performance, improve security and to upgrade the system allowing it to work with modern software packages. Key employees have remote access to the GE-BE system from any location – providing the ability to work anywhere and anytime. Hosted cloud back-ups were also introduced.

  • 2020 – Support during the Pandemic

    During the global COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, ECS set up multiple advantageous remote working set-ups, allowing many GE-BE’s employees to work from the safety of their own home seamlessly.

The On-going Support
ECS currently provide GE-BE with a myriad of services including ongoing equipment monitoring, IT support, managed anti-virus and fully managed backup solutions.

Client Details

  • Client Name:
  • GE-BE Transport
  • Industry:
  • Freight/Transportation
  • Joined ECS
  • 2005
"If we hadn’t got ECS, we wouldn’t be running."
Paddy Green
Managing Director

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