The Client

Hayhow & Co is an accountancy firm based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. They provide a range of accounting services and offer business advisement and support.

They started working with us over 20 years ago.

The Situation

  • When we first started working with Hayhow, they used typewriters. They required a reliable outsourced IT department to ensure they could grow with the introduction of new technologies and counter any possible security risks these technologies posed.
  • The privacy of client information is vital to Hayhow and they required high-level security systems to ensure this privacy is maintained.

The Solutions

Hayhow’s First Network
When ECS first started working with Hayhow, more than 20 years ago, the computers were initially used as replacement typewriters, there was no software integration or information sharing. As time moved on, software developed and the sharing of company information was required, ECS installed the first integrated network at Hayhow in 2005.

With this network in place, access to shared data for Hayhow quickly became the default way of working for all users, this meant that new data security procedures to restrict access and protect data were required. At this time, ECS introduced data segregation, improved data security and installed comprehensive managed backup procedures.
Disaster Recovery and Security
Disaster recovery procedures ensure that company data is protected from natural disasters, virus infections and other causes of data loss. Complete images of the Hayhow systems are stored in protective locations both locally and in the cloud; these images of the servers are updated daily.

State-of-the-art security systems have been set up to help eliminate internet-based attacks, these technologies include anti-virus protection, a unified threat management device, email anti-spam protection and enhanced firewall protection. The combination of these powerful defence technologies helps secure the integrity of Hayhow’s data from malicious attacks; meanwhile, the team at Hayhow can still work remotely, accessing their data 24 hours a day.
Cloud Storage Vault
Recently Hayhow have transitioned from an outsourced paper-based storage system to a cloud-based vault. This has resulted in a digital library of documents which are much easier to access, cheaper to store, and far easier to backup.
The On-going Support
ECS provide ongoing IT support & monitoring to Hayhow, which includes regular proactive visits to their King’s Lynn office. This constant service means many issues can be found and resolved before the team at Hayhow even know about them, leading to less overall downtime for the company. The proactive visits also provide an excellent time for discussion, regarding both existing & future IT requirements.

We also provide Hayhow with weekly automated patching of Windows, Microsoft Office and a range of other software; proactive 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of their PCs and servers; and robust anti-virus and hosted cloud backup solutions.

Client Details

  • Client Name:
  • Hayhow & Co
  • Industry:
  • Accountancy
  • Joined ECS
  • 2003
"We trust everything that ECS recommend to us… we know we’re in safe hands."
Kezia Benefer
Partner at Hayhow & Co

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