Cybersecurity used to mean download some antivirus software and that was that – easy. But every year we see new threats that use previously unseen techniques to access your data. Your classic antivirus can’t keep up with that.

That’s where EDR (or endpoint detection and response) comes in. EDR is the cutting edge of anti-virus protection. It uses AI to counteract threats from both known and brand new malware, giving you the best protection available on the market today against malware and viruses such as Ransomware.

What makes it more advanced than normal antivirus?

  • Current anti-virus software can only detect malware that is known – but with 350,000 new malware samples being created every day this outdated process leaves you and your business at risk unnecessarily.
  • Our EDR’s Zero Day attack feature uses AI to constantly monitor your systems, picking up even the newest virus or ransomware.
  • Whilst EDR is constantly monitoring for malware, it is also creating a timeline of your device and its data. This means that if you’re infected, we can use EDR to roll back to before the infection, significantly reducing the restore time, should you need it.
  • Our EDR also provides Anti-Tamper Protection (meaning neither your employees nor a malicious attacker can turn it off) and Offline Detection (for when you’re away from the network).
  • Antivirus doesn’t offer any of these options, and if you were to face a cyberattack without EDR your downtime would multiply.

Overall, EDR will get you back up and running quicker than ever before – saving you stress, time and money.

We believe it’s the best security solution on the market right now and we recommend it to all of our business customers.

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