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Backups: Your Best Data Safety Net

What is a backup? In simple terms, it’s a copy of your data that you save to a second location. This second location could be a physical hard drive, memory stick, or in the cloud via a storage service like Google Drive. Why backup? If your information gets lost, deleted, or corrupted – you have […]

Licencing: Using Software Legally

What is a software licence? A software licence is proof that you have paid for the right to access the software, for a particular use. It validates your software install as a legally bought version of the software and typically, if you don’t activate your software within 30 days of installation it will stop working […]

Spoof Emails: How To Spot A Spoof

An email inbox

What is a spoof email? A spoof email is when a person sends an email pretending to be someone else, in order to trick the recipient into handing over sensitive information or money. Sensitive information could be your bank card numbers, address, postcode, phone numbers, answers to security questions or even login information for online […]

Introduction: Viruses and Malware

Computer malware and viruses are terms we’ve all heard of before but what do they mean? What different types are there? And how do you protect against each of them? In the next series of blogs, we’re going to look at the most common types of viruses and how they can infect your system, and […]

The Cloud: What is it and how is it used?

Whilst cloud computing may sound mysterious and confusing, it’s actually a really simple concept. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at what the cloud is and how it can be used at home and in your business. What is the cloud? Simply put the cloud is when you access information that is not stored […]

Firewalls at Home: What and Why?

You may have heard about firewalls at some point but, unlike anti-virus, it’s not immediately obvious what it does. But did you know that firewalls are a really important element of your home and business IT security? Today we’re going to look at what firewalls are, how they work and why they are such an […]